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            How to find my stuff with CubiTag?

            Before you can find your stuff with CubiTag, you need to complete the setup, and attach your CubiTag to your valuables.
            To keep tracking your stuff, make sure your Bluetooth, location service, and internet service are enabled, and CubiTag app is running on the background at all time

            When CubiTag is online

            CubiTag is online when your CubiTag is connected to your phone(within the Bluetooth range).

            Ring your stuff


            After you ring your stuff, you can follow the ring until you find your stuff.

            When CubiTag is offline

            CubiTag is offline when your CubiTag is disconnected from your phone(outside the Bluetooth range).

            When CubiTag is offline you cannot ring it, so you can trace back your steps from its last seen location, and then follow its location history until you find your stuff. But, if in the end you still cannot find it, you can activate the community search to ask other CubiTag users for help. When they pass by your stuff, you'll be notified of its most recent location.

            See its last seen location

            Last seen location is the last location where your CubiTag is connected to your phone. In some cases, you can use this to remember where did you park your car, bicycle, or more.

            See location history

            See the location history for the last 24 hours.


            Tap your lost CubiTag, and then tap Start Community Search

            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:16 PM
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